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OpenVMS Firmware Variables


After waiting hours for OpenVMS to install on my DEC3000, I was presented with the following error message when I attempted to boot the fresh install: %APB-F-BADSYSROOT, System root [SYSA.] does not exist, check bootflags Very disheartening, however it’s a fairly easy fix.  My DEC 3000 was previously used for OSF/1 (i.e. UNIX), so a […]

LA600 and VMS


I recently won a state surplus auction that included a large amount of old DEC hardware.  Most of it was junk, e.g. old VT420s with screen burn, but there was a diamond in there:  a DEC LA600 MultiPrinter. This thing is a monster:  a wide carriage dot matrix printer designed for heavy use.  Amazingly enough, […]

Everyone can hear you fart, with TECHNOLOGY!


I work with a former DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation) employee who told me this anecdote. DEC was one of the earlier adopters of video conferencing technology, using it to host meeting between its campuses. The cameras in the meeting rooms automatically zoom towards who ever was speaking (presumably by detecting where the loudest noise in […]