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Shell Magic: Set Operations with uniq


I don’t know of anyone else that does this, but it’s a neat little trick for doing finding differences between lists as if they were sets. This is extremely useful when, for example, you want to find a list of things that are in list A, but not in list B. I’ve seen people use […]

Commodore MPS-1200


I recently purchased a Commodore MPS-1200 dot matrix printer. I have wanted one since I was just getting starting on my Amiga 2000. However, they are rare and even more rare in decent condition. Really, I wanted the MPS-1250, but the MPS-1200 and MPS-1250 are practically the same printer. The major difference between the two […]

Lab Tour


I made a small video that’s a tour of my lab:

PXE Booting RHEL/CentOS (or most other Linux distros)


Introduction I’m a big fan of installing my operating systems over the network.  For many years, I’ve been netbooting Solaris, NetBSD, or OpenBSD on various “real UNIX” platforms like SUN’s SPARC hardware, or VAXen.  In the old days, it wasn’t common for PCs to come with the required firmware for netbooting.  Times have changed, and […]

Quick and Dirty Block Storage for OpenShift


This post is now also on the Official Red Hat OpenShift blog! Do you have an OpenShift installation, maybe a test cluster, but no fancy storage solution to provide your Persistent Volumes? Most people would turn to NFS for this, but did you know that it’s almost as easy to set up a simple iSCSI […]

Consistent Mount Points in Gnome


I keep all my music on a SD card so that I can easily move it between my computers, phone, and MP3 player.  This means no more syncing or duplication. However, with the Gnome auto-mounter, I don’t like the default mount point:  /var/run/$USER/volname.  I greatly prefer having it mounted at ~/Music.  Fortunately, this is easy […]

SCSI2SD (Part 2 of Resurrecting the VAXen)


Link to Part 1 Almost all my SCSI drives have died.  This is the way of things, I suppose.  Replacements are difficult and expensive to find, and will probably not last much longer anyhow. Looking for alternatives, I found SCSI2SD, that emulates a hard disk using MicroSD cards as the backing store.  Someone’s already got […]

Resurrecting the VAXen (Part 1)


Subtitle:  An exercise in frustration. Years ago, I bought several VAX workstations with the intention to use them to learn VMS.  For the last few years, I’ve been too busy to fool with them for any length time, but now I have some time to try again.  As with any old hardware, it’s can be […]

RAID 6 and LVM


Years ago, I built a big file server to hold all my important stuff. In modern terms, it doesn’t have that much storage: just shy of 4 TB. An external hard drive would be much cheaper, but having a RAID6 array gives me more peace of mind about my data. Up to 2 drives can […]

Serial Consoles in RHEL6


I’m starting to get my server room set up again, so I can start experimenting with VAXes and VMS and things of that nature. Several years ago, I build a terminal server. It’s a little Mini-ITX machines with a JetWay JNC92-230-LF motherboard with proprietary daughter board, the AD4COMC1, that adds four serial ports for a […]