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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Serial Consoles in RHEL6


I’m starting to get my server room set up again, so I can start experimenting with VAXes and VMS and things of that nature. Several years ago, I build a terminal server. It’s a little Mini-ITX machines with a JetWay JNC92-230-LF motherboard with proprietary daughter board, the AD4COMC1, that adds four serial ports for a […]

RHEL/Centos 7.0 and CCISS driver


I bought several HP DL360 G4p from Server Monkey to use as test machines for OpenStack. Unfortunately, the HP SmartArray 6i SCSI RAID controller that is installed in these machines is not supported by the RHEL 7.0. The cciss driver required for the controller is still part of the main kernel, it’s just not shipped […]