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Monthly Archives: February 2012

OpenVMS Firmware Variables


After waiting hours for OpenVMS to install on my DEC3000, I was presented with the following error message when I attempted to boot the fresh install: %APB-F-BADSYSROOT, System root [SYSA.] does not exist, check bootflags Very disheartening, however it’s a fairly easy fix.  My DEC 3000 was previously used for OSF/1 (i.e. UNIX), so a […]

LA600 and VMS


I recently won a state surplus auction that included a large amount of old DEC hardware.  Most of it was junk, e.g. old VT420s with screen burn, but there was a diamond in there:  a DEC LA600 MultiPrinter. This thing is a monster:  a wide carriage dot matrix printer designed for heavy use.  Amazingly enough, […]