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Everyone can hear you fart, with TECHNOLOGY!


I work with a former DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation) employee who told me this anecdote. DEC was one of the earlier adopters of video conferencing technology, using it to host meeting between its campuses. The cameras in the meeting rooms automatically zoom towards who ever was speaking (presumably by detecting where the loudest noise in […]

Zenith Data Systems


I was recently given two Zenith Data System PC compatible computers: a 286 and a 386. I’ve just recently revived one of them, at least temporarily. I believe it has a flakey power supply. It’s non-standard to boot, which means I can’t just swap it out. I’m hoping to get these old PCs in working […]

OS/2 Warp 4


I just recently acquired a copy of OS/2 Warp 4, among other things, from a friend. I’ve been working on getting it installed on an old AMD K6 system that I have laying about. After replacing a bad PSU, I found that the hard drive (just barely over 4 gigabytes) was too large for the […]

Enabling more than 3 gigabytes of RAM in Linux


Doubtless, most everyone knows this, but since I’m just now crossing the 1 gigabyte line in my latest computer, I was left blissfully unaware. In Linux, the normal, 32-bit kernel can see a maximum of 3 GB of RAM.  To get it to see more one must enable Physical Address Extension (PAE) in the Linux […]

First Post


This is the new Weblog of Clark Hale, esquire. I’m currently a SUN Microsystems campus representative for Appalachian State University in Boone, NC. Expect this to be mostly a place holder for when I lose access to my SUN blog.